HVAC service West Bloomfield Township

HVAC Repairs

We are Detroit Heating and Cooling Company.  We wanted to start a heating and cooling business that your grandparents would be accustomed to.  You know, the good ol’ days!  Where you can trust the technician that comes to service your heating and cooling system as if he was a family member, a friend, or a neighbor.  Think of milk men.  Think of blue button up shirt with matching pants, a bow tie, black shoes, black belt with a train conductor hat (not that we dress that way).  Think of…well just look at the fella on our logo.  Think of THAT guy.  That is the type of service we want to provide to you.  The type you can trust with a handshake.  

We believe in good values and want to build a relationship with our customers that is based on trust.  We want to earn your business where we become your go to for all things heating and cooling.  

Now, let’s not get it twisted!  Just because our values of how we treat our customers are stuck in the 1950s, does not mean that our technology is too.  We use all the latest modern technology to service, maintain, and/or replace your heating and cooling system.  We go above and beyond in that aspect as well because we believe the customer service and field work go together and represent the company equally.  In other words, you get the type of customer service the “good ol’ days” used to provide, but with the latest modern technology.