Professional Furnace Maintenance Services in West Bloomfield Township, MI

Regular maintenance is important to make sure your furnace is running efficiently and sufficiently.   It also helps with the lifespan of the unit.  But here are more reasons why you should schedule routine maintenance for your gas furnace:

  • Improved safety:  Gas furnaces use natural (you guessed it) gas to heat your home.  Which means your furnace is playing with fire.  One of the most important things we check for during a routine maintenance is carbon monoxide.  If your furnace is producing high levels of carbon monoxide, this could have deadly effects on you and your family. 
  • Energy Efficiency:  Your furnace loses efficiency as it operates without filter change outs and routine cleaning.  Save money on your energy bills by scheduling your routine maintenance to ensure optimal efficiency.
  • Reliability:  A furnace that is maintained routinely is less likely to require repairs.  It also means less unexpected repairs which more often than not, tend to happen during the coldest winter days.
  • Prolonged Equipment Life:  A routine maintenance can extend the life of your furnace through regular cleaning and lubricating.
  • Indoor Air Quality:  If your furnace is dusty and dirty, know that you will be breathing in the dust and dirt as the air enters your home from your furnace.  A routine maintenance on your furnace makes sure your furnace is clean (which means cleaner air).

Call us for a quote on performing routing maintenance twice a year in your home.  We offer monthly three different levels of tier subscriptions that come with different perks.  Call today to ask us about for more details.
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